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Do You Struggle To Dream?

How many of us had such vivid dreams growing up as a kid? I am not talking about aspirations to be on broadway, an astronaut or a pro ball player. I’m talking about those dreams you experience in a deep state of sleep. The ones that felt real, the ones you remember and try and go back to sleep to pick up where they ended.

For me, I don’t recall when, but as I got older, I stopped having those dreams. As I think back it seems to be around the same time I wouldn’t be able to wake up refreshed regardless of how many hours of sleep I got.

It was not until this point in time where I became infatuated with my health and realized I was missing out on one of the most important things for my body both mentally and physically; a deep well rested sleep. I tried everything. I tried no electronics before bed, blue light filters, ear plugs, a pitch-black room, different shower temperatures, meditation, you name it, I tried it.

I thought I was just meant to be a light sleeper and I needed to start my day with a cup of coffee or nutritional shake to get me up and going. That was until I tried CBD oil.

This was life changing for me. I first noticed how deep my sleep was and how refreshed I felt upon waking up the next morning. Then the dreams came. The first one was just a quick glimpse, but as time went on my dreams increased, my dream recall increased, I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle anything that came my way. I was finally a deep sleeper; I could fall asleep in minutes and not wake up once throughout the night. It was, and still is, incredible. By far the best addition to my routine thus far. If I miss a night, my body can tell.

Take this from my own experience, someone who would toss and turn until their body finally gives up and falls asleep. Someone who could wake up from a squirrel scurrying across the lawn. To now someone who has to put his alarm volume on max because I enter such a deep sleep.

Give it a try! Personally, I take a full dropper of Z.I.O.N’s 1,000mg unflavored CBD Oil about 20-30 minutes before bed. Maybe you only need a half a dropper, or full, but do yourself a favor and add this to your nightly routine!

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Team Z.I.O.N


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