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Healthy Chocolate Smoothie With CBD and Sea Moss in Just 3 Steps (Video)

Materials Needed


Step 1

Gather the materials listed above. 

Step 2

Combine ingredients in nutri-bullet or blender.

Step 3



Benefits of Sea Moss  

Sea moss goes by many names; Sea Moss, Irish Moss, Chondrus Crispus are all forms of an algae which grow abundantly in the Caribbean and North Atlantic ocean.   

Sea moss was made famous by the world renowned Dr. Sebi who credits Sea moss as a major contributor to his ability to cure a whole host of diseases.  

This superfood is packed with a ton of nutrients and minerals. It is said to contain 92 of 102 minerals found in the human body and can be used to benefit you in many ways ranging from improving immunity to raising low libido.  


Benefits of SuperPHactor Superfood Booster  

SuperPHactor is a superfood booster alkalizing blend, formulated to support your energy levels, your body's detoxification processes, and your lifestyle. It provides a synergistic blend of amazing and powerful organic superfoods, including: cacao bean, maca root, turmeric, goji berry, cinnamon, banana, green tea leaf, yerba mate leaf, sunflower lecithin, chia seeds, flax seeds, hulled hemp seeds, brown rice protein, garcinia cambogia fruit, chanca piedra, moringa leaf, acidophilus, guar gum. 


My Personal Experience With This Smoothie  

This smoothie here is my go to! If I do not have this nutrient dense, energy driven shake my day feels out of wack. I truly feel lost and I certainly do not accomplish as much as I intended. Between my focus from the CBD and energy from everything else this smoothie has to offer it really sets your day up for success.  You can swap out or add other ingredients but make sure you keep the smoothies foundation of sea moss and cbd! 


Why I Always Include CBD With my Sea Moss  

I call this my one - two punch. I always pair my sea moss and cbd. Both are so impactful on my health and seem to work in synergy. I feel I get better absorption, my mood, and mental state always finds a nice homeostasis, and my drive and focus is always on point regardless of what is set in front of me to accomplish.  

Make sure to try our CBD tincture with your sea moss and you will see exactly what I am talking about. 

Thank you for taking time to check out this blog, be sure to follow us across all our channels to stay up to date with our latest products, information and posts.  

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