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Macks Story

Mack, my beloved rescued Pit Bull, has an interesting story to say the least.

A little before Christmas 2017, a dear friend of mine reached out and let me know he had been searching for an additional family dog. At the time I was not really looking for a dog, but I knew I could use the companionship. After a few days, my friend informed me that he had found a puppy but there was a catch. The catch was Mack (my new best-friend).

When arriving to the rescue group, they informed us that the puppies shouldn't be separated due to their age. (After putting 2 and 2 together, I realized the catch was if my friend was going home with a pup, so was I.) It turns out, when the rescue group was called they were informed these puppies were 8 weeks old but upon arrival, they came to the conclusion they were nowhere near that age but in fact much younger. The mother of these puppies stopped producing milk so the rescue group took possession of these two beautiful souls to properly nurture. It is now the day after Christmas and we started our trip to get our new best friends – Mack and Cash. Still to this day, I sometimes forget just how precious and TINY they were.

After bringing home Mack, I quickly realized something wasn’t right. He was constantly itching and gnawing at his paws. I felt horrible for this little guy! I couldn’t stand not knowing, so after many visits to my vet he came to the conclusion that it was allergies due to not getting the immunities from the mothers milk. From this point on I became a frequent visitor. Finally blood work was done to determine the exact allergies and boy, the list goes on and on. Multiple air born allergies, poultry, pork, brewers yeast, corn, potatoes, and so on. All I could think was "Jeez, what can I feed this poor little guy?".

At not even 16 weeks of age, Mack is now suffering from allergies and separation anxiety. The odds are against my little buddy, but since I've always wanted my own dog, I was going to do everything in my power to have my new best friend live the best life he possibly could.

We went to the park almost every day and I paid more attention to the labels of his food than I would for myself. I had an entire list of bad ingredients memorized. Once Mack became of age, there was no other choice but to put him on medication due to the air born allergies being so severe.

After some more time went by, I noticed Mack can't play more than an hour or so without starting to limp. This poor pup is not even a year at this point and already so many things have gone wrong. All I could do was pray it wasn’t serious. An X-ray was taken which determined he had mild hip dysplasia. I've only heard stories of older dogs with this so it was a surprise to me. I was heartbroken. 

Before my best friend is even two years old, he has had all of these issues. I am not one for pharmaceutical drugs, especially with the side effects Mack had from his allergy medication. After some trials of store bought treats, nothing seemed to be working for his hip and joint pain as well as his other ailments. I needed to find a new alternative. That is when I came across CBD.

Currently, at a little over 3 years old, Mack has made drastic improvements thanks to CBD. Mack, like most dogs is severely stressed by loud noises such as fire works and thunder. He actually tremors. Thanks to CBD he is back to living his best life. His separation anxiety when I leave has subsided, his coat looks better than ever and he is itching A LOT less. The best part, Mack has been playing again with no limping!

Now we are at a happy place where Mack looks forward to taking his CBD and I look forward to having my best friend around for a long time!

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